Method OpenSession return GENERAL_ERROR

10/26/2021 2:19:58 PM
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Method OpenSession return GENERAL_ERROR

I am having problem using virtualcryptoki (ver on one server (Windows serwer 2012 R2). 
Source code has not changed and works fine on other machines.
I am getting an error during opening a session:
ErrorCode: 5, ErrorString: GENERAL_ERROR, Details: Cryptware.NCryptoki.CryptokiException: Error n. 5
   at Cryptware.NCryptoki.Session..ctor(Token , Int32 , Object , Delegate , INCryptokiMngd )
   at Cryptware.NCryptoki.Token.OpenSession(Int32 flags, Object app, Delegate notify)
   at HSM.NCryptoki.CryptokiWrapper.StartSession(String cryptokiDllPath, String pinNumber, String labelName, Boolean isReadWrite, Boolean verbose) in 

This same error I occured during login on CryptokiExplorer:

Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?
I tried reinstalling VirtualCryptoki, but it didn't change the situation